El sabor distinto de México

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We are a proud Mexican company that develops, produces and commercializes a wide variety of tasty tisanes and infusions. Based on sustainability and fair trade, we represent those who work the Mexican lands. 


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A sensorial experience for every taste

It is a drink that is obtained from the leaves, flowers, fruits or various herbs to which hot water at its boiling point is introduced to obtain color, flavor, aroma or medicinal properties.

It is an infusion that contains the Camellia Sinensis plant, which according to its degree of oxidation can be called White, Green, Oolong or Black. There is also a fermented version of the previous ones called Pu-Erh.

Star Tree I Infusions

It is a perfect blend of herbs, flowers and extracts that are prepared in different forms as the occasion warrants.

It is an edible infusion with small pieces of dried fruit, mixed with flowers, extracts and / or essences to satisfy all tastes.