About Us

Tés y Tisanas

We can proudly say that we are the first company that manufactures 100% edible fruit tisanes on a large scale with local products in Mexico and America.

We started 10 years ago with this project that today is a business that can range from the harvest until the client has a cup ready to enjoy in hand.

The benefit of being able to cover most of the value chain is that you can collaborate and give a better life to the farmers that live in regions that are not easy to reach but are filled with extraordinary opportunities, with the talent of people you want to work with and a land full of minerals that give unique crops.

Our main motivation is the countryside, the greatness of the Mexican lands, the people and their passion. We try to boost the Mexican countryside not only by promoting products nationally but internationally. We consider ourselves spokespersons for the greatness of our country by selling our products abroad.

In Mexico, agriculture is lived as an art. The passion of the people stays in each harvest, there is endless variety and above all, we have ways to potentiate resources and make people live in every region with dignity.

Thank you for being part of the Star Tree community.

Our Safety and Quality Policy

We are committed to satisfy the quality and safety of our product, such as the legal and regulatory requirements involved, giving and adding value to the Mexican countryside through our products, promoting continuous improvement in our processes.